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    it's actually higher in some areas. But lower in some, as well.

    The infection rates are going up everywhere, though.

    And, of course, the point was, that it's not 'hard' to get Lyme Disease. Couldn't be easier, in fact. Just a little bit, from a teeny tiny little but the size of a small freckle.

    You don't even feel the bite because the little buggers have an anesthesia in their saliva! Very clever design.

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      AlanF, wader, 42, ladybug53, UnaSpenser

      Just wanted to add that we have a trained ornithologist in my area of southern coastal Maine who has worked for 30 years observing, documenting & banding birds. She has been pulling ticks off of wild birds for the last 15 years and sends the ticks to the state university for testing. 80% of the ticks tested are positive for Lyme.
      I have been an avid birder for 35 years - but in the past two years thanks to the data from ILADS and their links I no longer feed the wild birds for fear that they will carry even more ticks into my area. This breaks my heart - but as someone who has suffered severe symptoms for 2 years I am truly frightened to walk my dog thru the fields behind my home any more.

      so many little time

      by tallmom on Wed Jul 08, 2009 at 03:40:48 PM PDT

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