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  •  I have 18 pages of notes that I took from my (0+ / 0-)

    Bar/Bri MPRE class that I can share with you; just e-mail me.  One of the first tips we got is, I think, one of the best:

    Definitions of key terms will be given at the front of the exam, so we need not memorize them.  Often the particular term they use will be a hint.  For example, among the following:

    a. Subject to discipline:  does conduct violate the Model Rules (or did judge violate Code of Judicial Conduct)?

    “Attorney must do X” --- according to rules.

    b. May or proper --- is the behavior consistent with model rules?

    There are mostly “must” rules, but are a few “should” rules under this rubric.

    c. Subject to litigation sanction:  addresses Rule 11; is different from professional misconduct.  For example, submitting a frivolous motion may fall under both.

    d. subject to disqualification -- involves conflict of interest.

    e. subject to civil liability --- did they commit malpractice?

    For example, assisting client in destroying evidence, or tax fraud, insurance fraud --- would be both subject to sanction and civil liability.

    One point they make is that while, like the Bar, there's no penalty for guessing, the good thing about the MPRE is that almost no one runs out of time.  This strikes me as a "psych out" sort of test.  Learning to remain calm is key.  If flash cards work for you -- figure out what you want each term you'll encounter to trigger in your mind, then put the term and question on the front and the answer on the back -- then those should probably help you stay calm.

    Feel free to write me in the intervening week to complain and ask questions.

    They tortured people to get false confessions to fraudulently justify invasion of Iraq.

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