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  •  i understand your objection. i just don't (none)
    agree. if karl rove went looking for "3-4 million evangelicals" who did not vote in 2000 to add to bush's column, it's the repubs who went looking for them, and not the other way around. i would add that the gop's use of churches and pulpits for spreading the call to vote republican is another example of the search by the republican party for voters of this ilk.

    there's a lot of talk here at dkos about "framing". well, as far as i'm concerned, framing means naming something so that people clearly understand what you're talking about.

    if the gop wants to regain its former respectability, it has to recognize and to deal with what it has wrought. i don't see any reason for dems to relieve republicans of the burden of responsibility for permitting their party to become the party that advocates undermining principles that are the bedrock on which the u.s. was founded.

    We get a lot of advice. We tend to listen when somebody's won something. - Joe Lockhart

    by yankeedoodler on Sun Nov 21, 2004 at 03:13:24 AM PST

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