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  •  Nor Obama on FISA (1+ / 0-)
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    ... I will never forgive Pelosi:  Taking impeachment off the table and bringing the last FISA fiasco back to life after both houses of Congress already voted it against it and it had gone to the dead bill bin.

    I have neither forgotten nor forgiven Obama for his FISA vote which I thought at the time indicated that he would settle into what is essentially his present position when he was elected and I was right.  He really did flash his hand early on but what was the alternative.  Hillary?  McSame?  We were right to oppose FISA then and we are right to demand an accounting now.  Meanwhile eat a Snickers and call me in the morning.  It ain't gonna happen at least in the strength we would like.  

    My prediction is that like the Vietnam war, this one will only be settled in the history books and that history will not look favorably on this period in our history.    

    Jihad for Public Healthcare.

    by YellerDog on Fri Jul 10, 2009 at 09:51:15 PM PDT

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    •  I believe you are correct, YellerDog (0+ / 0-)

      For the 2000 prez 'debates' - the night Idjit Georgie said he wouldn't do any nation-building - I journaled that if Bush were elected he'd invade Iraq to finish his daddy's war, that we'd go into a recession... but I didn't see why/how anyone could vote for anyone as clearly unintelligent as Bush.  Well, two out of three predictions were right, and I gravely underestimated the average IQ of the average voter.  By '04 I was prepared for a stolen election, but I was still horribly disappointed when it happened.

      The vote in the Senate on the last FISA fiasco was on a Wed., and by Friday Obama said he'd adopt and expand Bush's 'faith-based initiatives.'  I can't tell you how badly that surprised me, since Obama was supposed to be a cnstitutional scholar and mixing religion and politics is clearly against the mandated separation of church and state.  I, too, will not forgive Obama's twin erroneous decisions that week.  I felt trapped and coerced into voting for "anybody but the Repuke."  Obama's picks for some of his cabinet posts haven't helped any either, since he's retained some of the Bushista appointments, left others in place, and picked Repukes for some posts; additionally, the forays into increasing troop strength in Afghanistan and sending drones with bombs into Pakistan is just incomprehensible.

      As each candidate declared the intent to run for prez, the first position I checked was whether or not they supported impeachment (it was my #1 issue, had been since the first lies about WMD).  The only one who did, the only one who had stones enough to file three impeachment resolutions (one against Cheney, two against Bush) was Dennis Kucinich.  I never supported Obama from the get-go because a year and a half before election day was when I read his position on impeachment, and he didn't support it, and was iffy about even investigations way back then.  My original intent was to write in Kucinich's name.  Then McCain picked Palin for his running mate.  By one minute into her speech, the stupid word salad was coming out of her mouth and my jaw literally hung down in shock.  I knew I had to vote for Obama as "anybody but the Repuke."  At my age, I'm really tired of being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils and not getting to vote my conscience.

      When it finally dawns on people that we aren't leaving Iraq until the last drop of oil is out of the ground and in the hands of US oil corporations, someone somewhere is going to have to write the history books and try to justify the war crimes and lies that got us there and people in other countries will be the only ones who dare speak the truth.  Americans will still be running around with blinders on.  Authors from other countries may be the only ones brave enough to write the truth... and they won't be kind to the Bushista years... nor succeeding years and presidents and Congress Critters if we don't wise up and start some war crimes trials.


      by NonnyO on Fri Jul 10, 2009 at 10:34:42 PM PDT

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