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View Diary: Another GOP Senate Rule Change: This one to suppress moderates (95 comments)

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  •  Moderates bolting? Nah. (3.66)
    If I were y'all, I wouldn't hold out hope on the moderates bolting the party, even in the Senate, where party isn't as important to be elected.  I've been watching moderate Republicans in my state who will complain endlessly about the people their party nominates, and go on to give them their unqualified support when the election comes around.

    We tend to misunderstand the "moderation" of some of the Republicans.  You have to ask yourself why they are Republican in the first place.  I think we'd like to believe that they are all fans of Lincoln or T. R., but lets face it, those peieces of the party were before our grandparents first voted.  If they were inclined to vote as progressives, they would have switched parties a long time ago.

    So, count on these folks here and there when a vote comes up, but don't count on them to switch.  Deep down, they like low taxes more than they like their less well to do neighbors, so I'm not sure how much we want them anyway.

    "I am a veritable peripatetic bifurcated volcano on behalf of Democratic principles." -Henry Fountain Ashurst

    by tedski on Sun Nov 21, 2004 at 09:00:59 AM PST

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