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View Diary: Another GOP Senate Rule Change: This one to suppress moderates (95 comments)

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  •  Does this sound a bit like... (none)
    the old parliamentary system?

    IIRC the interesting thing about my time as an intern in Ireland was that they were trying to figure out how to cope with the growing trend towards conscience voting within the parties. The whips were having quite a time reeling the politicians back into the fold.

    One thing they were interested in was how the American parties balanced party and conscience votes.


    •  No, but it does sound like (none)
      the beginnings of Fascism.
      •  Extreme reaction (none)
        Revising the rules to increase party discipline is not fascism, I'm sorry to break it to you.  Plenty of political parties in fully functioning democracies enforce party discipline.  I'm getting really tired of people just throwing around the term fascism, pretty soon it won't mean anything anymore.
        •  Let's look at the bigger picture (none)
          1. Corporate-run media willingly doing the government's bidding. Along with crackdowns and pending lawsuits against the media, freedom of speech is on it's last legs.
          2. All forms of opposition thinking and moderation being squelched. This being the latest example.
          3. Increased calls for nationalism. Us vs. Them.
          4. Decreases in personal civil liberties and privacy.
          5. Controlling the public by fostering and appealing to fear.
          6. Increasing suspicion of those that "do not believe". Assimilate or be ostracized.
          7. Increase in homophobia and hatred based on other religious beliefs.

          What does that sound like to you?
          If not now, when?

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