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View Diary: Another GOP Senate Rule Change: This one to suppress moderates (95 comments)

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    First - i DO have a right on any views, leftwing, moderate or rightwing: it's a democracy - don't it? You may disagree with me, but you must at least tolerate my views, don't you? Otherwise you are not too different from republican wingnuts, isn't it? I repeat - i read many times about Casey affair in respectable press, so i will check out one more time and come to my own conclusion i will trust. I didn't asked for Zell Miller to be allowed to speak this year, but i will continue to state that most democratic "activists" are no more tolerable of opposite views, then their republican "wingnut" colleagues (BTW - during Republican convention everyone knew Arnie's and Rudy's views on abortion and gay rights - and they were very warmly received nevertheless). Try to say in Bay Area that you are a pro-life and pro-gun Democrat - and you immediately become pariah. Just as it would be in Georgia suburbs if you would introduce himself before local audience as pro-choice and pro-gay righs Republican. Reaction is basically the same: "get out of our party!". Both parties still have sizable moderate factions, but both are led (mainly) by the people on the extreme of political spectrum. For me (moderate) many are simple "mirror images" of their opposites... So i don't admire neither right-wing "nuts" nor left-wing "activists". Both are too singleminded (and "simpleminded") for my tastes...

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