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View Diary: Who's Istook and why does he want your tax forms? (115 comments)

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    Let's start parsing through legislation which even congresspeople don't bother to read and line by line, begin highlighting all of the cronyish and special interest "gimme's" that slide through the legislative process.  In addition, let's carefully examine the distribution of funds in the "reconstruction" of Iraq.  Why should I pay one nickel of what "I individual owe" when Halliburton gets away with accidentally losing eight billion dollars.  

    While I believe that we can do more to ensure that those who receive tax-exempt status are not political, it is ridiculous and extreme to argue that no charity should enjoy a tax exemption.  It would also be ineffectual; as genuine charities, which help increase the productiveness of society by increasing the number of economic actors in the marketplace, are not the true cause of this nation's economic woes (the cause is clear enough to not warrant repeating here), taxing those charities would simply enlargen the pool of money to be misappropriated and redistributed to a parasitic aristocracy.  It's bad enough that our tax dollars are flowing to Halliburton; what would it solve to impose a tax liability on the Boys' and Girls' Club to be swallowed by the likes of Halliburton as well?  To reach the correct solution, you need to examine the real problem.

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