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  •  prompting an idea. . . (none)
    was the whole idea!

    We need to consolidate and focus our collective brainpower to feed our politicians and their staffs.  Intellectual capital is not capital unless it can be packaged and used by others.  We write a lot around here, and some percentage of it is excellent, but a lot is dying on the vine as the diaries fade away, even if they emerge to become recommended.

    We might require a paid editorial staff to float above Kos community, gather and consolidate key points and ideas on different issues, and feed them to Hill staffers and to new entrants to local political arenas nationwide.  

    Perhaps netroots could fund this, and some small award or stipend can be disbursed regulalrly by this editorial review board to any contributors whose work deserves merit or inclusion in their consolidated materials.  Nothing huge, but something to help encourage and recognize solid work.  The idea is not to create a huge community of paid thinkers, but to reward and recognize, in some token way, excellent work, based on per-piece merit - and not based on being a longtime inside player in the party.

    I know Kos has cryptically mentioned some think tank ideas or projects he has in mind, and I don't know if this is the idea you had sparked upon, but this seems like it might be a promising model, in general terms, to me.

    "Make each day your masterpiece." -- John Wooden

    by Pachacutec on Sun Nov 21, 2004 at 02:23:04 PM PST

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