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View Diary: Senator Grassley Pwned on NPR; NPR freaks? Updated (285 comments)

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  •  Didn't listen very well to her, did you? (0+ / 0-)

    Did she quit out of disgust or was she fired?

    Torture is for the weak. After all, it is just extended wheedling.

    by nargel on Tue Jul 14, 2009 at 10:51:51 PM PDT

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    •  She got sick of people like you, actually. (0+ / 0-)

      You see, when you report on both sides of the story, then partisan hacks accuse reporters of being "biased" because the dared quote the comments of their political opponents.  She got sick of getting abuse, primarily by liberals as it turns out, as being a shill, because she'd interview and report on both sides.  You should hear some of the abuse she received.  In fact, seeing your tone, you'd probably agree that hounding and bullying reporters into doing what you want is perfectly acceptible.  I'm curious, does that extend to intimidating judges too?

      Her favorite comment on this is "let's put a notebook in their hands and send them out with 8 hours to track down and talk to both sides and write inches of reporting by the dealine and see how they deal with it."  I very much doubt you are capable of producing unbiased reporting.  IN fact, I doubt you'd even try.

      You see, I am committed to democracy first, then my policy aims second.  I believe in reasoned, civil debate as the bedrock for getting a legitimate and just policy.  Others want to win at all costs, civil debate and dialogue be damned.  I have great disdain for those people and see them as my opponents in the political process.  Whether they are right wing Glenn Beck's or irrational leftwingers like yourself, I don't think you deserve a seat at at the table unless you have a commitment first to the process.  Otherwise, we are just left with a left wing dictatorship that is morally no better than a right wing one.

      I'm sorry if this causes more name calling from you, but I believe in democracy and your opposition to it will not change that fact.

      "Don't go dragging reality into this." - Troubadour

      by Guinho on Wed Jul 15, 2009 at 12:02:53 PM PDT

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      •  go back to my original comment (0+ / 0-)

        and you'll note that I'm suggesting it's the primary sources we choose--partisan hacks of any stripe--that are skewing journalism. We need to spend more time talking to people personally affected, and actual experts, then use the politicos for comments on that. No problems with having those comments "balanced." The problem is that we've gotten lazy and let Dems v. Reps become the story itself, instead of spending the time to dig.

        Political Compass says: -8.88, -8.67
        "We never sold out cos no one would buy."--J Neo Marvin

        by expatyank on Wed Jul 15, 2009 at 04:23:25 PM PDT

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        •  That is a nice hope but (0+ / 0-)

          now that the Lee Atwaters and Carl Roves of the world have managed to get a different methodology of 'standard professional practice' into place, having the side that tends to do that anyway be shouted and lied out of the discussion more often than not is not helping, which is the point of the current portion of the thread (as per Gooserock's origional comment).

          Torture is for the weak. After all, it is just extended wheedling.

          by nargel on Wed Jul 15, 2009 at 08:50:32 PM PDT

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