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    I was there at too late, at 7:30, and found them in the last area I looked (The Siberian Room?), behind a particularly dense variety of ficus. In fact, I passed Bin Laden and the Holy Grail as I reached their table. Oh, and apparently there had been TWO tables for a while, before they found each other.

    Who says we Dems are not a well-oiled machine ;) Uh oh - I think I just volunteered myself for an organizing/hostess role gulp

    Anyhoo, I am up for an 'anytime' get together in Ballard, especially during these days of 4:30 sunset. I'll admit, we have been lucky with the rain so far though, this year. D'oh! Why'd I have to go and say that!!

    •  who knew? (none)
      Who knew that "the same area where we met last time" wouldn't be instantly recognizable to all who tried to join the fun?  Even some who participated back in August (yeah, mcjoan, I'm talking to you) didn't figure that out until it was almost too late.  Maccheerful and I were getting ready to give up until you guys finally popped in.

      Sorry we missed the intrepid few who actually made it to Pike Street Brewery but didn't find us.  Though I agree that more intimate locales make group-recognition easier, thewre's something to be said for a place where a large group can gather on a Saturday evening without being crowded out by the horde.

      You're only young once, but you can be immature forever -- Larry Andersen

      by N in Seattle on Mon Nov 22, 2004 at 08:04:05 AM PST

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