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View Diary: Sanford's AWOL excursion may have cost SC jobs (89 comments)

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  •  it is the way the system works (4+ / 0-)

    OTOH in SC the system is so whacked that it does not work as it should. Example Japanese execs coming to the area to survey site for possible industry.  Several people were available including a couple who had been stationed in Japan as missionaries or military and spoke Japanese while others were surveyors and developers or financial advisers who could explain the advantages the county would offer them to locate.  

    So who squired these reps around who did not speak a word of English? Local VP at a family owned bank; he has never been out of the country, has no interest in foreign affairs and almost no knowledge about Japanese culture.

    So they ended up at Myrtle Beach in a titty bar where one of the offended a biker and ended up in a brawl. The company did not relocate to SC, realizing that SC is its own little universe

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