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  •  I remember the particular exchange... (none)
    ...that brought on this analysis. I read about it last night just before going to bed and the outrage I felt at Stevens' reaction to Conrad's comment kept me up for a couple of hours.

    The simple point of fact is, whether Stevens himself was not the one who allowed the insertion of this language into the bill and whether Stevens would not himself ever abuse the power in that bill, Stevens was still the responsible party for nursing this legislation to the floor and he has no excuse to be angry at anyone who was angry about this. It is Stevens fault for allowing the process to get so out of control that this kind of crap could occur.

    I DO hold him responsible for what happened yesterday and no amount of protestation of innocence on his party will make any difference in that. If he wants to show me that he shouldn't be held in contempt then he has to demonstrate that he is deserving of respect.

    He failed.

    Ancient Chinese curse: May you live in Interesting Times

    by Chris Andersen on Sun Nov 21, 2004 at 06:01:29 PM PST

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