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View Diary: MI-07: REMATCH! Fundamentalist Walberg vs. Schauer in 2010 (6 comments)

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    I think you may have gotten your list of conservative areas backward; if anything, your list is Schauer's strongholds. Albion is very liberal - it's a college town, and went something like 3-1 for Schauer in '08. The city of Battle Creek itself is also quite liberal (and is Schauer's home town), though the surrounding townships are not. Jackson is not especially liberal, but was part of Schauer's state senate district, so he's been representing it for 6 years on top of his Congressional term. The conservative areas are the rural counties to the south - Branch, Hillsdale, and Walberg's home county, Lenawee. You're right about it being gerrymandered, even though it might not look like it - the district is wedged between Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Kalamazoo.

    This diary is great, though. Walberg was the worst of the worst, and Schauer is a solid Democratic vote. He's going to need help defending the seat, and definitely deserves all the netroots attention he can get.

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      ...though as a native Jacksonian, I can't agree with your assessment of the liberalness of Jackson. It's pretty danged conservative from my perspective, particularly the outlying areas. As far as Battle Creek goes, Mark's staff has spoken to me directly about the difficulties they have there, again mostly in the outlying parts, not the central city.

      I moved to the Ann Arbor area (Dexter) about three years ago and could not believe I was represented by someone as reprehensible as Walberg.  Ugh.

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        You're right, the townships around Battle Creek are quite a bit more conservative than the city proper. But, with that said, Schauer's been representing the Battle Creek area for more than 15 years at this point, and managed to edge out Walberg in Bedford, Emmett, and Pennfield, the BC outlying townships. The other rural townships in Calhoun are more conservative, but are small. Schauer won 3-2 in the county. He also edged out Walberg in Jackson County by a few hundred votes (he actually did slightly worse than Obama in Jackson), so it's about as even a partisan split as you can get. Of course, if you're comparing it to Dexter...

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