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  •  just remember the bigger picture, folks! (4.00)
    women with lots of kids don't hold permanent jobs.  women who don't hold jobs don't threaten men who compete for those jobs.

    fundamentalists want women out of the work place, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

    it has always been about economics - disguised by the small minded men who can't compete in the workforce.

    in the sixties, it was common for women to be told that they would be paid less than a man for the same job because "the man is married with a family".

    this is the glory days of the fifties that the fundies so yearn to have again.  the real neocons would like to take us back to the 20's for the total lack of regulation on industry and corporations where greed reigned supreme.

    neocons need the fundies to distract us from the real agenda - the war on us!  "business" greed uses social discord to mask removal of all restrictions on corporations while individuals battle it out over imposed personal restrictions being forced onto them!

    change always begins with one person, one action...

    by edrie on Sun Nov 21, 2004 at 06:26:09 PM PST

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