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View Diary: Obama Administration Opens Asylum for Battered Women (28 comments)

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  •  The Friends Committee on National Legislation (0+ / 0-)

    FCNL writes enthusiastically about Obama's budget:

    New Vision, New Budget Math
    The numbers have never been this big before. Neither has the vision.
    Have you ever seen a federal budget that flat-lined military spending, ended nuclear weapons programs, committed to clean up dangerous nuclear materials around the globe, set up a fund to respond to global warming, and created hundreds of thousands of new green jobs?
    Would you have imagined a commitment to end child hunger in four years; cut poverty in half; and find a way for everyone to have health care, a home, and a job? Did you expect the insight that it takes quality schools, stable homes, and vibrant neighborhoods to raise a healthy generation of children, ready for the challenges of the 21st century?
    Could you have foreseen an understanding that violent conflicts don't necessarily have violent solutions, and that war actually can be prevented?
    We at FCNL have been analyzing federal budgets for decades, and we've never seen anything like the one President Barack Obama has proposed for 2010....This administration has chosen to turn a corner in U.S. history -- to invest in people and in the preservation of the Earth.  It's a transformative budget.... Among those who stand to gain are many who have had little chance at economic security and little voice in government. Everyone who has longed for significant responses to global climate change, for more equitable sharing of this nation's resources, for broad access to education and health care, and for a more peaceful world would also benefit.

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