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  •  Women undermining women at work (2+ / 0-)
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    Kimball Cross, dirkster42

    One of the problems feminisn needs to address is the undermining of women by other women in the workplace, and the anti-feminist stance of industry, whether business or journalism.  The fashion industry incites women to undermine other women by encouraging women to come to work wearing revealing clothing and uncomfotrable high heeled shoes.  Chauvinism is the word for patriotism in French and male chauvinism is male patriotism.  It occurs when men feel that they have to profess a liking for beer, and a preference for any women who wears a short shirt, bleaches her hair, talks in a high pitched baby voice, wears tight, revealing clothing, etc.  An important component of feminism is for women to stop backstabbing and undermining each other at work.  I am concerned with the economic aspects of feminism more than other aspects of it - the need for women to have jobs that pay a substantial wage and to stop driving women out of higher paying occupations.

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