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    Among my favorite SNL skits ever -- the only game show by New Englanders, for New Englanders -- as Phil Hartman (Stanley) and Adam Sandler (Tony) go to work:

    Stanley Sperrow: Ok, from Boston (Bahston) Mass to Nashua New Hampshire. ...

    (Tony buzzes in)

    Stanley Sperrow: Tony.

    Tony Vallencourt: Boston to Nashua? You goin' up there to buy liquor pally?

    Stanley Sperrow: Aya, no sales tax.

    Tony Vallencourt: Alright, you just gotta shoot up 95, but watch your ass crossin' over the border. Those state troopers are outa control.

    Stanley Sperrow: That's correct Tony!

    Tony Vallencourt: Hey, I don't care if you're 1 mile over the speed limit, they're haulin' your ass into Muni Court.

    Stanley Sperrow: Ok, Tony.

    Tony Vallencourt: I'm tellin' ya pal, these guys got a quota and a WICKED radar (radah) gun.

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