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View Diary: The intellectual dishonesty of Pat Buchanan (311 comments)

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    JC from IA

    ,,,but I suspect that the various MSNBC hosts have no choice whether Buchanan appears on their shows. I suspect he's booked by their producers or their producers' bosses. And since he's probably kept on a retainer, they want to use him. He's their counter to O'Reilly, Hannity and Beck.

    That said, I'm getting very tired of hearing his screaming screeds. They make no sense, are offensive, and loaded with falsehoods. indeed he should be put out to pasture, like Jim from Santa Fe (mrmyster) opined. More to the point, any of us who watch MSNBC should turn off the TV when he comes on and let MSNBC know we do. It's not that we object to a conservative, but to the wholly irrational, misinformed, hate filled liar that is Pat Buchanan.  

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