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  •  I've got a suggestion (0+ / 0-)

    Let Pat Buchanan tell Daniel Inouye, to his face, about how it was white Americans who made all the sacrifices in World War II.  I'll bet that Inouye, despite his 84 years and missing arm, could still take Pat Buchanan.  Let him tell it to ANY of the surviving members of the 442nd Regimental Combat Unit, an all-Japanese-American unit that became the most highly decorated unit of World War II.

    Let him tell it to the family of Doris Miller (despite the name, he was a man), the black messman who on the battleship New Jersey at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack.  Ignoring orders to save himself, he first carried his injured (white) commander to safety, and then manned a machine gun to fire at the attacking Japanese planes, and was awarded the Navy Cross, the highest decoration in the Navy, for his heroism on that terrible day.  I would say that Mr. Miller could take Pat, too, but alas, he was killed in action two years later.

    It's amazing how somebody who has never worn the uniform is such an expert on other people's lack of sacrifice.

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