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  •  Hate to do this (0+ / 0-)

    But I've got to call you on something here Mac.

    "were it not for racist whites (like Buchanan, who undoubtedly would have sided with the Confederacy), we would never have had a civil war in the first place."

    Slavery was only one of the issues that lead to the Civil war. Not everyone in the North was anti-slavery and not everyone in the South was pro-slavery. There were Northern slave owners and Southern slave sympathizers. At the time, racism wasn't as vice, especially if it was directed against the Irish, Negros, Italians, and Jews.

    Trying to paint the North as loving and caring and racially tolerant while the South wallowed in barbarism and racism is intellectually dishonest in and of itself.

    Otherwise, you wrote a good diary and little Patty B. really needs to be taken to task for his comments.

    •  That's just southern apologetics. (1+ / 0-)
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      The war was very much about slavery, just not always about the obvious moral aspect.  There were many northern interests who opposed slavery for economic reasons (unions and laborers, religious groups who felt work stengthens the spirit), who might not care about AAs so much.

      The Civil War was about slavery, no question about it.  In fact the first state to leave (south carolina) lists a litany of reasons for leaving in the document, all dealing with disrespect over slavery. They were tired of northerners disprespecting their way of life (specifically slavery).

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