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View Diary: How Ohio was Rigged For Bush (266 comments)

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  •  Rehnquist is on standby for Bush (none)
    The official word from the Supremes is:  "Rehnquist is reviewing court cases from his home, and is still participating in court decisions"

    You can bet that the idiot Chimp knows that he needs all five of the felons to cover for him, they'll fake the Rehnquist vote even if he's frozen like Ted Williams!

    •  On a stretcher he'd vote (none)
      Didn't Rehnquist get his start by doing poll challenges in Arizona or something like that?  Can anyone help me on this.  If my memory is accurate, this is a guy with a long history of vote-suppression in support of GOP candidates.  If I may, it is rather like putting known for lynching on a Civil Rights panel, isn't it?

      I am sorry he is ill, I tremble at the thought of who Bush will pick to replace him, but I for one will not weep to see him leave the court.

      •  Right on (4.00)
        Good memory.

        Rehnquist did get his start in AZ mounting obnoxious, intimidating poll challenges of poor minority voters.  Knowing that, I knew we were fucking screwed in 2000 the minute I heard breathed the Supre. . .

        I especially loved how these guys + one gal suddenly discovered that equal "due process" rights should protect the rights of rich white voters in Repub counties where there was virtually no overcount or undercount.  Protect them from the unfairness of counting the under and over-count of THOUSANDS of minority voters.  The same justices who ignored the due process clause their entire careers when people wanted to use it in the name of fairness and social justice for minorities.  So perverse.  They take it off the shelf, dust it off to install their crony, then lock it back up forever. . .

        Cold, evil people.

    •  O'Connor will not support Bush this time (4.00)
      O'Connor reportedly wanted Bush to win in 2000 so she could retire, but was humiliated by her own participation in his selection. I think that she will try to repair her reputation next time around by doing the right thing. Maybe.

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