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  •  All the things that I am talking about (none)
    and others are talking about are complicated matters. They are not going to be reduceable to easy to digest soundbites. It's like looking at Enron (which by the way is still being investigated) and saying well there is nothing because it's taking a long time. The fact that this is the Internet should make it easier for you to digest if you are willing to sit down and think it through.

    Also, I am done with the baiting by people on this site. I'm sure if I had responded by with some sarcasm or rudedness or mention what I really think is going on here I would once again be criticized so instead I am going to stick to the issues.  Nothing in what I said was about the  a 'fishing' expedition- it's about unexplained irregularities that neither the fraud debunkers or fraud supporters can explain until it's investigated. The Dixiecrat theory may or may not be correct- but saying it doesn't make it true, just like saying fraud doesn't make it true.  

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