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View Diary: How Ohio was Rigged For Bush (266 comments)

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  •  Erupting later scenario (none)
    Roadie's comment last week:

    How about this....
    A solid unassailable case that the election was stolen and that Bush himself knew is put before the public in mid-late 2005.

    There are fights in the media and congress and the administration is crippled by the charges.  The Dems attempt impeachment process but are rebuffed by the Reps at every turn.  The public turns against the Reps big time in the 2006 mid-terms; the Dems sweep and take over the majority in both houses.

    Then impeachment goes through.  Bush gone.  Dems in Majority.  Crippled lame duck Rep administration finishes out and a Dem is elected President in 2008.
    -- Roadie on Daily Kos

    It took awhile to get rid of Nixon.

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