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  •  You left out the most important part (none)
    Cunningham, is yet another "Republican" rising to a position to make decisions on the elections, and your linked article doesn't say the following about Cunningham: "he was going to "resist a recount.",1282,-4631935,00.html

    Keith Cunningham, director of the Allen County Board of Elections and incoming president of the Ohio Association of Election Officials, called the lawsuit "frivolous," adding that he might mobilize counties to resist a recount.

    "Commissioners are beginning to understand - and if they don't, will understand soon - what kind of financial impact this is going to have on them, in a year when elections already cost a great deal more than expected," said Cunningham, a Republican

    •  Recount means Count (none)
      Yep, you're right about that.  I've always thought we're dealing with incremental, autonomous dirty tricks on a BOE by BOE level and not some mega-conspiracy. Though, in NC for instance, the GOP aggressively worked to get all the BOE workers (who are supposed to be non-partisan) at key Democratic precincts to be 'their kind of people'.  These aren't the observors or monitors, these are the grunts checking the books, running the machines, counting the votes, etc.  I had a feeling watching so of them that someone had suggested some perversions they might or might not want to do on election day.

      Finally,  I'm supporting the recount for one reason - because we never had a count.  If these Troskyite Reps would just've let every vote be counted then we wouldn't be engaging in the 'frivolous' exercise of ensuring all our citizen's  most basic of rights - the right to be heard.

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