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View Diary: Krugman On "The Joy Of Sachs," As Frontrunning Truths Emerge (292 comments)

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  •  Agreed. Last election our goal (5+ / 0-)

    was "more democrats"; this election, we need "Better Democrats"!  We need to do our part in cleaning out the halls of Congress.  Choosing new bodies with fresh ideas and less corruption around them will be a great start!  

    The change is going to be slow though; and I would much rather it be swift!

    We really need to channel our inner Iranians and get our collective asses into the streets!

    •  exactly (8+ / 0-)

      perhaps we need "better Americans" more than we need "better Democrats". I'm thinking that until we manage to change the core American ethos of narrowly-defined self-interest uber alles, we're going to continue to see the brightest and most talented of our youth continue to cash out of society rather than fighting for its betterment.  

      •  Better Utopian! (1+ / 0-)
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        I agree with you whole-heartedly, Overturned Turtle.  But how could we find better republiCONS?  Some of our fellow Americans are sincerely among the lunatic fringe, and they're not going to be receptive to our pleas.  We need to influence as many as we can; but we cannot win them all.

        HuffPo, today, has a picture of someone dressing a child (can't be more than 6 or 7 yrs old) in a KKK hood/robe; I'm not joking.  These are also our "fellow Americans".  How can you find "better" among their lot?  They are sick an twisted fools!  (my apologies; I don't know how to post a picture like some techno-wizzes here!)

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