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View Diary: Virginia GOP candidate raises specter of civil war (353 comments)

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  •  Civil war? (6+ / 0-)

    Bring it on - locked and loaded.

    •  No Don't and so y'all understand her POV (0+ / 0-)

      I'd rather not have a civil war thanks.

      Honestly I really think most of these people are blow hards and while there might be sporadic violence, it won't matter much anyway. However only an idiot would want a war because any fight that breaks out will look more like Mexican drug war Iraq or Afghanistan than anything like a real war .

       No one needs a tank for a campaign of terror, killing, mutilation  and assassination with IED's. And yes, the skills for this are getting to be commonplace and the supply of guns and explosives to pull it off  functionally unlimited.

      To be clear such a fight  won't be a stand up fight like some on the right (for glory) and left (so the right can be crushed) fantasize about. It will be an  urban, dirty and leaderless 4th generation war of reduction (think 10,000 Alan Bergs)  that will leave all of us crippled and very possibly the US hollow. if it gets seriously 1861'y -- millions will die or be displaced

      Now so y'all understand these folks a bit better -- for the record I do not and repeat DO NOT follow these views

      In the minds of these folk this government is unconstitutional

      This is because  none of the powers that are being exercised by the Feds are permitted to it. There is some truth to this as the Constitution is a mostly static limiting document not an interpreted one as some think. The basic principal of our Constitution is "people, state, fed" in that order

      Of course like many things on the extreme right it is hypocritical (where does the government get the Constitutional authority to regulate private adult sexual behavior or drugs for that matter?) and ignores the 14th amendment (which clearly protects the people further from the States) . Also the US is in no way a Christian nation as some claim. Read the frigging Founding Fathers and you'll know.

      As for me, peace, prosperity and freedom thanks, I don't care what party does it ...

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