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  •  After JFK Republicans Dominated the Presidency (5+ / 0-)

    JFK's assaination did nothing good for the Democratic party. Look at what followed:

    Johnson a Democrat so unpopular he didn't run for a second term after finishing serving a year of Kennedy's term and one of his own.

    Nixon a Republican who served 1.25 terms

    Ford a Republican who served a the remainder of Nixon's term

    Carter a Democrat who served 1 term

    Reagan a Republican who served 2 terms

    Bush Sr a Republican who served 1 term

    Clinton a Democrat who serverd 2 terms

    Bush (W) a Republican who served 2 terms

    In a period of 44 years since Kennedy's assaination, from 1964 - 2008 Democrats controlled the Presidency for 16 years while Republicans controlled it for 28 years. This was despite the fact that the Democrats had a martyred hero in Kennedy while the Republicans suffered the disgraced Nixon.

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