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    The US entered WWII to save the Jews -- quite definitely. That wasn't a desirable side effect, but the central issue in the FDR Whitehouse. We fought the Japanese to try to undermine the German war effort so they wouldn't kill the Jews. It was just bad luck that the US didn't actually attempt to shutdown the well-known death camps -- or even bomb the rail lines.

    And we also were trying to stop the global spread of fascism -- even though many folks in the US government where quite comfortable with fascism and even FDR didn't find it quite repulsive (read up on his initial draft of his inauguration speech). Now, we didn't fight German global domination to impose our own global domination, but primarily for moral reasons.

    Yes, yes, very definitely. That's what they teach in high-school.

    So, are you a liar or a fool? Someone who swallows kindergarten level propaganda, or a propagandist?

    The Soviets also said they fought WWII to save the world from those evil totalitarians. But I guess they're liars, while we're pure like the driven snow.

    And the Germans said they invaded the Sudetenland on a humanitarian mission to liberate the oppressed Teutonophones from their Czech masters -- but we know that they're liars.

    Do you also believe we put Indians on reservations to "educate" them? That we destroyed the South to free the slaves? That babies come from cabbage patches?

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