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View Diary: Another Healthcare Lie, and the Lying Liar That's Telling It. (487 comments)

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  •  You are obviously a very fortunate person (1+ / 0-)
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    See, if you were one of those millions of Americans who has no health insurance, you couldn't be so flippant about this issue.  That you can even begin to place making a comment about this woman's weight in the same category as denying millions of our fellow citizens access to medical services they need to keep them alive shows just how out of touch with reality you are.  

    I'm betting you've got a nice job, with good insurance coverage, and a life situation that gives you the incredible luxury of worrying about minor slights like this.  Must be nice.

    Oh, and I don't "hate flowers."  If you can find someplace where I said I "hate" (or even dislike) flowers, I'd like to see it.  I think the problem is that you see hate everywhere, even in places where it doesn't exist.

    There are some things you could say I hate, though.  Like your silly hypersensitivity and utterly unjustified hyperbole.  As I told you before -- get over yourself.

    •  You are not taking into account the sum total of (0+ / 0-)

      the diarist's and other comments. The hate I (and several others) noted in the diary clearly spilled over into the threads, and many joined in. That is one reason why I started with such a strong comment, and why others explicitly asked the diarist to remove these comments - because they are hateful and distracted from the important issues of the diary. This has happened in other diaries before, and it seems to be getting worse.

      The diarist started to discuss removing some things, but then turned around and spouted even more hate in the comments. I will say that I am sorry that the diarist took it this way, and if there was a better way to challenge the hate and have it removed perhaps we should have taken it. But I am not too sanguine about that.

      I am appalled by these expressions of hate, and I do think that it is an extremely serious issue, and that the hate overwhelms and undermines discussion of the issues at hand. Why do you insult me instead of addressing these and my other points?

      The threads are full of dehumanizing comments, as I noted and gave examples of above. When someone says that another is not a person they have crossed the line and I neither trust nor accept their other comments (about healthcare or anything else, no matter how important) until they acknowledge that for the hate it is and take it back.

      I do not know why, but you and others here are defending such hate, like joking about someone's illness or mental capacity.

      I am not the only one who decried it either. As I have said elsewhere - such hate will be the undoing of a tremendous amount of good work and intentions if it continues to fester and grow, and I see that starting to happen. This often does happen to the side that wins an election, and starts to move forward on its agenda. There are those who agree with me, and those who do not. But there is nothing trivial about hate, and calling it out is not a luxury.

      BTW: You know nothing about me and my family's situation, which does happen to be threatened by the healthcare crisis in several ways. We have also been threatened and suffered seriously due to hate as well. However that is not something that I wish to discuss with you so please refrain from making unfounded assumptions about me and my situation.

      Logic is by its very nature an abstraction of reality, so from a certain viewpoint any time you apply logic it is illogical to do so.

      by Name Withheld By Request on Mon Jul 20, 2009 at 07:51:48 PM PDT

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      •  Yeah, right (1+ / 0-)
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        I guess I should have figured that anyone who chooses a nick like "Name Withheld By Request" wouldn't be too forthcoming about his/her own situation.  You claim to be "threatened" by the health care crisis, but you give no specifics.  You also don't deny the truth of my assumption -- that you're someone in very fortunate economic circumstances who has the luxury of concern trolling in a diary about a serious topic.  For some reason, you're trying to take the discussion off the fact that the woman who is the subject of this diary is a liar and a shill for the insurance industry and right-wing politicians.

        As for your "serious suffering due to hate," well, let's just say that since you think a single comment about a person's weight constitutes "hate," I suspect that the "hate" you're referring to is someone who once flipped you the bird when you cut him off in traffic.  The fact is, I doubt you know anything at all about real hate.  It's true that there's nothing trivial about actual hate, but what you're calling hate is pretty trivial.

        The reason I haven't addressed your "points," such as they are, is that they're simply silly and insubstantial.  Anyone who can blow him/herself up into a fury of righteous indignation over a single comment, and then claim that said comment is worse than millions of Americans not having health care, is insufficiently serious to be worthy of a response. (Oh, and since we're on the topic of responses, why didn't you answer my question about my supposed hatred of flowers?  Could it be that it was just another figment of your fevered imagination?)

        Finally, I have a suggestion for you.  Why don't you seek out a site where the discussion meets your extremely fastidious standards?  Or better yet, why don't you head over to freerepublic or redstate and try waving your lace hankie at all the hate there?  I think those folks are in much greater need of your sanctimonious scolding than the folks here on DailyKos.

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