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View Diary: Can A Citizen Assembly Rewrite California's Constitution? (48 comments)

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    overall a well governed state (too many cops..).

    In its extremes it is very like california. An extremely high tech area around raleigh. Big tobacco running raleigh, winston, etc. Charlotte could be the prototype for 'standard large city). On the east coast you have  very diverse flatland. On the west coast you have the mountains which are very monocultural. You have ultra-rural areas and ultra urban areas. In that way it is a lot like Cali. Its done all over the country. California just needs to learn a little self reliance and restraing. A balanced budget amendment would certainly help. And maybe an actual competant governor or two. Maybe if Arnold asks nicely enough Jerry Brown will come back and fix things again. Wouldnt hurt if you nuked Orange country either (get the kids out first though).

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