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  •  They should just raise taxes on these people (4+ / 0-)

    because it's the right thing to do.  They should NOT call it a surtax or even mention health care.  Why can't we just raise taxes on people who take more out of the pie than the rest of us?

    For example, why haven't they raised the capital gains tax?  Last year three hedge fund executives were appearing before Congress.  Eash of the three executives had made over fifteen billion dollars last year, and each of them had paid only fifteen percent in taxes.  Why should these billionaires be paying so much less than teachers and firefighters?  This is grossly unfair and quite frankly, not what the United States is supposed to be.

    Maybe in the end, we'll all discover that the most important thing in this nation is how much money you make.  It determines how much you're taxed in relation to what you earn, it determines your chances of living a long and comfortable life, and it determines how much "respect" your money gets for you.  

    Please call your representatives in Congress and show them how you feel about this.  Don't be meek.

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