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View Diary: ACTION ALERT! We have 24 hours to keep California "Open" (updated 2x) (273 comments)

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  •  Both embarrassing and structural (16+ / 0-)

    As a citizen of the U.S. I am worried about the fate of people in California and how CA's budget crisis will spill out into the rest of the country.  

    As a non-Californian interested in constitutional design, I am thankful that this budget crisis is getting ever more people to think about the structural problems that led to this crisis.  A radioactive combination of term limits, 2/3 majorities and propositions led to this mess and only changing the structure of government will solve the problem.

    It sucks tens of millions of people will have to suffer to even have the chance to solve the problem by rewriting the constitution.  

    Exceptionalism needs to become a dirty word in this country.  It is really the root problem because it leads us to reflexively think our system is great, even when the opposite is true.

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