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  •  "What smells at Whole Foods?" (6+ / 0-)

    Sharon Smith asks the question.

    Using a carrot and very large stick, Mackey managed to "convince" Whole Foods workers across the country to vote in 2004 to dramatically downgrade their own health care benefits by switching to a so-called "consumer-driven" health plan--corporate double-speak for the high deductible-low coverage savings account plans preferred by profit-driven enterprises. As Mackey advised other executives in the same 2004 speech, "[I]f you want to set up a consumer-driven health plan, I strongly urge you not to put it as one option in a cafeteria plan, but to make it the only option."

    There have been setbacks for Mackey, to be sure. He suffered public humiliation in 2007 when he was exposed as having blogged under the false user name "rahodeb"--his wife's name spelled in reverse--between 1999 and 2006 at online financial chat boards hosted by Yahoo.

    For seven years, he backstabbed his rivals--including the Wild Oats franchise that Mackey later purchased as an addition to the Whole Foods Empire. The Wall Street Journal reported a typical post: "'Would Whole Foods buy (Wild Oats)? Almost surely not at current prices,' rahodeb wrote. 'What would they gain? (Their) locations are too small.'"

    At one point, rahodeb even admired Mackey's latest haircut, gushing, "I think he looks cute!"

    "The heresy of individualism: thinking oneself a completely self-sufficient unit and asserting this imaginary `unity' against all others" Thomas Merton

    by Pinko Elephant on Thu Jul 23, 2009 at 10:14:41 AM PDT

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