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View Diary: GOPers cite "nonpartisan" research from UnitedHealth Group subsidiary (108 comments)

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    The Republicans are loathesome, but if you think they've got a monopoly on the "circle of corruption," you're woefully naive.  This is the kind of posting that I find problematic on Kos.  It allows us all to feel superior to the admittedly contemptible right-wingers, but the bigger problem is that corporate money owns EVERYONE in Washington.  Sure, the Democrats smile at us and say the right things (for the most part), but it will be a fucking miracle if the health care reform isn't so watered down by industry meddling through Democratic as well as Republican representatives as to be almost irrelevant, or worse, do more harm than good to our current system.  Mark my words, there will be a 2000-page document at the end of this that will be filled with loopholes of all kinds.  We should be focusing on pushing the Democrats towards a true progressive agenda, and not blaming the Republicans for everything.

    The past is never dead. It's not even past. - William Faulkner

    by Jimbo47 on Thu Jul 23, 2009 at 11:16:20 AM PDT

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