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  •  Who's trying to intimidate you? (4+ / 0-)

    Not me.  That was a very odd response.

    I can switch from a playful nudge in the ribs to a scratch behind the ears, if you'd prefer that.  Perhaps a good-natured swat on the rump, such as guys do when we're just farting around, having fun.

    To assess your intellect, I'd have to test you in a reasonable manner.

    Here's my proposal:

    Post a picture of yourself wearing a Photoshopped (or real!) party hat.  If the judges determine it blows away all the competition (competition is voluntary) you win.  Simple as that.

    You've got a pretty good shot at this one, because most of us are shy.  So you might win by default.

    Now, as for political, I can't help you there.  You've already sworn a blue streak which reveals your true-Blue nature.  I suspect if you hit a Port-A-Pottie and someone were to go in there right after you, there would be a lot of blue in that bowl - like Great Bluedini Kool Aid.  No competition on that note.

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