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  •  Well I'll disagree. (3+ / 0-)
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    magnus, javelina, Tropical Depression

    There are hundreds of new high rises on the far west side now. Just stand outside the Strand in the morning and observe the army of Black cars waiting to take people to work. Go up and down the extreme west side and it is the same case everywhere.

    Not just West 19th and 10th even though that is a log walk for an aging population. The length, all the new buildings on 11th Avenue, Trump City, places that are nowhere near subways are a growing cause for emissions.

    There once was a ninth Avenue El when there was a far less densely populated west side. It was necessary before world War II. Now not being there is a major cause of many problems for residents all across the city and the extreme west just keeps growing.

    Of course that reality is denied by everyone in government because that would mean actually doing something. But it is undeniable. New York desperately need an 11th Ave subway.  

    •  You have a point... (2+ / 0-)
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      javelina, Eddie C

      I never venture up around 11th much, but guess it probably IS quite a long way.

      Though I'd hazard a guess that even with a subway, a lot of the folks in the overpriced river view condos probably would still take the town car!

      Great diary, thanks...

      •  Yes some probably would (3+ / 0-)
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        magnus, javelina, Tropical Depression

        But thousands would not.

        There are many places in the city that are screwed mass transit wise but the example that amazes me is all the high rises that have gone up on West End Ave. in the lower 60's. It is all up hill to Columbus Circle and you better pack a lunch for that hike.

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