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  •  I do not want to be disrespectful of Native (5+ / 0-)

    Americans. I suspect I do not know enough about Native American culture to know what they would consider disrespectful.

    I am descended in some small part from Native Americans who chose to survive by passing for white and giving up their culture completely.

    We in this place, are still influenced by a whisper of the culture that was once the dominant culture here.

    In spite of a public school system that teaches white European propaganda as history, most of us know there was a people here before us, who had more respect for mother earth than we do.

    I think it is more personal than DNA, though it may be ethics passed through my family, but it seems obviously unhealthy to gobble up every resource around and then throw out garbage and pollution until we can no longer live on this planet.  

    I do not think might is a measure of cultural superiority. I think a culture that does not feel a driving need to develop technology and weapons, in order dominate, shows good mental health.

    I do not know if my sense of mourning for what was lost could be considered disrespectful to those people who have managed to survive and keep their identity as Native Americans. In order to survive they may need to cherish what remains instead of mourning what was lost.

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