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  •  Face it we have corrupt government, won't fix it. (6+ / 0-)

    We just elected a progressive president with Democratic Congressional majority but they will not pass health care reform even though it is killing the nation's economy and citizens.

    On top of that we have a major recession that increases support for reforming health care.

    But Congress will not pass it. Obama will not even address the real reform needed as we see from his most recent empty, platitude filled speech.

    At the same time we have the industrial groups who profit from the current system bribing Congressmen to the tune of $150M per year.

    They use the money effectively ($2M to Senator Baucus) and are able to block health care reform.

    Corruption, "super majority" non-Constitutional rules, the US does not have a functioning government that can deal effectively with the nation's problems.

    •  Absolutely agree and on top of that our president (1+ / 0-)
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      Holds a press conference to push his health care bill, babbles incoherently for over an hour and at the end plays the race card. WTF is that.
      So far in six months he has done nothing other than give our money away to the big corporations, and partisan special interest groups, bulshi t  the people who elected him and  we are getting HOSED again!  Is this the twilight zone or what, maybe the outerlimits, Alice in wonderland.  Surely, there must be a grand plan right, and we are just not smart enough to follow his tactical maneuvers?

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