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  •  what costs will be cut? (1+ / 0-)
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    I have posted on this before.

    I want universal health care.  I want all to be covered.  I want there to be doctor decisions on treatment.  I want everyone to have access.

    What each of those statements does not include is how to cut costs.  

    The majority of Americans are relatively pleased with what they have now.  What seems to be true is that they are wondering how our plan will cut their costs, reduce their premiums, reduce the hole in the middle of schedule D, reduce their co-pay.  You cannot cut costs without cutting out something that you are paying for now.

    There has been little or no discussion of this.  Cutting drug company salaries and profits, cutting out insurance companies' profits, reducing redundant services (too many heart centers in each town), reducing unnecessary testing (?), and such have all been mentioned, but there is no definitive plan to cut costs (witness Elmendorf).

    Until that is clear, the population will think we are going to reduce services and no amount of pushing on congress will change their minds.

    Send your college kid a little love

    by graybeard on Sat Jul 25, 2009 at 09:57:29 AM PDT

    •  Cut out "insurance" (1+ / 0-)
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      Obama now says: "health insurance reform"

      and what we will get is somewhere between none and zero, because insurance is the problem.

      The UK's national Health System, as I remember it: E&O warning: It's not current as I don't live in the UK now.

      Paid for by National Insurance Contributions.
      Covers all residents, cradle to grave, for about the same percentage of GDP as Medicare.
      Has no claims, payments and any of the insurance paperwork.
      GPs are paid a capitation rate, a fixed amount for patient on their "list".
      Specialists (Hospital Doctors), nurses and admin staff, are paid by the NHS (they are all employees of the NHS) on a pay scale.
      Drugs are charged a fixed fee per prescription. OAPs (Senior Citizens) do not have to pay a fee.
      The terminal, are not hooked up in ICUs.
      There is a focus on Prevention, Child en & health, not sickness.
      If you don't like the NHS you have to option to pay from private treatment.
      Longevity and Infant mortality, the best measure of a Health System, are better than the US.

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