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  •  A happy story to share with all of you. (12+ / 0-)

    After Maine's long winters, we really look forward to summer with it's long, warm, sunny days. It's lake time, beach time, soak up some rays and play time. But this year, summer has been a long stretch of gray, chilly, dismal, rainy days. June decided it would be The Month of Rain, and accumulated over eight inches of the stuff. A record breaker.
    Usually, the beginning of June has us down to our friends' camp, helping get it ready for the season. The dock needs to be floated around the point and attached. There's raking and putting up the awning over the picnic tables. Chairs need to be washed. There's lights to be strung and the one room camp to be cleaned out. Usually. But not this year. June had ended, July begun and the rain kept falling. We were all growing gills, mold, and bad tempers. To make matters worse, my daughter's birthday was fast approaching and she wanted to celebrate it at the lake. My friend, the Lake Lady and her brother were just about at their wits end, so with their permission I took over.

    I had a plan. We would have a combination work party, lobster feed and birthday party. (Yes, I am guilty of lobster bribery.) The weather gods were given burnt offerings. (don't ask...I can't tell) Manly men were beseeched for help. (three very tall sons, friends and the grandtoddler's Papa) Arrangements for lobster fresh off the boat were made. The grocery list for other necessary food stuffs, fixings for potato salad, corn on the cobb, wine, and other essentials was drawn up.

    And still the days dawned dank and dismal. Two sons said they couldn't make it. Without them, the dock, a handmade monster of a thing in sections, would not get off the beach and to it's proper place. It was worse than herding cats. Everyone was gloomy and damp. It was even worse than herding poets!

    Just as I was ready to throw my hands up in despair, the universe laughed and the sun came out. People started smiling again. Two sons changed their minds, showed up and were put to work. The birthday cake was made. Cars were packed up and off we went. Table cloths were laid. Flowers arranged. The refridgerator stuffed to bursting and then we started working. The dock was floated around the point and attached. Chairs were scrubbed down. Lights were hung. On July 10th, we celebrated summer, our lovely girl's birthday, and what a community of friends and family can do.

    Isn't trusting the Insurance Industry, Big Pharma, and Congress with Health Care Reform, like trusting Wall Street with the economy? Or did I miss something?

    by Onomastic on Mon Jul 27, 2009 at 06:28:35 PM PDT

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