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View Diary: Morning Feature: Health Care, Our Mont Ventoux (Non-Cynical Saturday) (99 comments)

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  •  The media have their own bread to butter (2+ / 0-)
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    winterbanyan, NCrissieB

    ... and Big Health are among their biggest advertisers. Watch the cable news shows (if you can stand it) and count the number of adds for brand name drugs and various forms of insurance. Look at all the newspapers that are down-sizing or disappearing outright, and consider how likely they are to undermine one of their few remaining revenue sources.

    In the media biz, we are not the customers, we are the product. Their business model is to attract our eyeballs and deliver them to their advertisers. They are not going to prime us with information that would make us hostile to those same advertisers.

    We are acutely conscious of how political donations line up with lawmakers' votes. If that logic rules Congress, why would it be different for the media?

    •  But we can still beat them. (3+ / 0-)
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      DBunn, pamelabrown, winterbanyan

      The polls still show 70% of Americans supporting a public option for health care.  We have to keep that team together for the next month and push the story.  I'm convinced that if we can shepherd President Obama to within sight of that finish line, he'll do what he needs to do and get it done.  In the end, bills pass on votes ... not on money.

      Good morning! ::huggggggggggs::

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