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View Diary: Gates Says 'Yes' To Beer With Crowley (176 comments)

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  •  (Bleep) you very much. (0+ / 0-)

    I never, EVER made the block-quoted comment you bring up.  I NEVER called Gates "uppity".  Just screw.

    "Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it. After two years of stonewalling, it's time for him to talk." John Conyers 1/26/09

    by Setrak on Sat Jul 25, 2009 at 09:11:06 AM PDT

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    •  Why Was Dr. Gates Arrested? (7+ / 0-)
      •  ya know what (1+ / 0-)
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        (I think) This is the first time I've seen him referred to as Dr. Gates. I have seen Professor Gates, which is a more distinguished title, but more often I've seen Skip Gates, as if the media is on a nickname basis with Dr. Gates. However, I'm constantly seeing Sgt Crowley.

        •  Yeah but that might be getting a little picky (0+ / 0-)

          Yes, I do not like it when I here people like Mika B refer to him as 'Skip' like they are down or something.  But I most often hear him referred to as Harvard Prof HL or Skip Gates and subsequently simply by his name.  I think his persona has outgrown 'just' the affiliation with harvard, and the dr or prof thing.  I personally have not ssensed a difference but maybe you have.  I have been avoiding most of the sensationalist media coverage.

    •  Why are you so upset that Gates (4+ / 0-)
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      sngmama, GN1927, vcmvo2, corvo

      allegedly called Crowley racist?  So what if he did?  He didn't deserve to be arrested for it, and he's entitled to his opinion whether or not he's right.  Crowley's also entitled to the same opinion of Gates.

      Why does Gates need to apologize?  It's not as if anybody, based solely on Gates' opinion, could reasonably conclude that Crowley is in fact a racist - and that's the standard for defamation.  I heard that Crowley was planning to sue Gates for defamation.  That suit would have been laughed out of court and you know it, so why are you insisting that Gates apologize?  Gates didn't throw Crowley in handcuffs, and Crowley will never suffer the humiliation of having his mug shot circulate around the internet.

      I think everybody's a bit racist.  There's nobody in this country who's entirely innocent of that.

      These guys are willing to bury the hatchet over a beer with the President, so I think you should just get over it.

      Blagojevich/Palin '12.

      by fou on Sat Jul 25, 2009 at 09:56:06 AM PDT

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      •  More offensive to hurt (4+ / 0-)
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        sngmama, vcmvo2, fou, leonard145b

        a white cop's feelings than throwing an aging black man who walks with a cane, handcuffed, into a police car, driving him to a station, and making him submit to a mugshot.  For not committing A SINGLE CRIME.  Handcuffed, arrested, and taken to a police station against his will for not breaking a single law.

        But the white cop's feelings or "reputation" might have been hurt, and that's the priority and clearly Gates needs to apologize for his own wrongful arrest at the hands of some hothead idiot cop. /snark

        "My favorite is Greta Van Susteren"--Kirsten Gillibrand

        by GN1927 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 at 11:30:33 AM PDT

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