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View Diary: Gates Says 'Yes' To Beer With Crowley (176 comments)

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  •  The first incident of racial profiling (0+ / 0-)

    happened when the observer saw two black men trying to get into a house.  Would the observer call the police if they were white?

    The second case of racial profiler happened when the police showed up and assumed the black man standing before him didn't belong to the house, and proceeded to behave toward the man before him as a potential criminal.  I wonder if he were white, if a different approach, although checking into a potential crime, would have been used when addressing the person before him.

    Perhaps Gates didn't need to be so indignant when asked to show he actually lives there, and perhaps his attitude escalated the events and temprement of the officer.

    The outcome of Gates being aressted, wasn't a result of racial profiling, but about exerting authority which by then two strong egos got in the way.

    That's my take or interpretation on the events as I've heard them.

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