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    About the Ion Engine. Well they did say this at least 45 years ago.  They also said that we were going to build a forward base on the moon as an extension of the Apollo program for a jump off to Mars.

    Like Clarke I was also dumbfounded that we went to the moon and just stopped. I saw the Kennedy speech and was a total space geek as a kid.  What I really didn't understand at the time was that the moon landing was more of a Cold War stunt than about real science.  We beat the Russians and then the Russians gave up and quit the race.  If they had continued we would probably be on Mars today. To a large extent the Vietnam war grounded future mood adventures.  It was more important to "Kill a Commie for Christ" than go to the moon.

    In a sense we may be doing the same thing.  The space station just got it's final module and it is scheduled to close in 2016.  It took longer to build than to use.  

    Meanwhile does anybody know where any good health care diaries are?  ;-)

    Jihad for Public Healthcare.

    by YellerDog on Sat Jul 25, 2009 at 03:29:02 PM PDT

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