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View Diary: A news story about sexual offenders and what boys should learn in sex education class (100 comments)

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  •  Difficult subject.... (13+ / 0-)

    About three years ago, our local DA, Bonnie Dumanis of San Diego wrote an OpEd in the local paper.  The message to paraphrase:

    Your children should never trust any adult.  And those that they like best, are most comfortable with, family members etc, are the most dangerous.  Parents, Uncles, Priests, by their very disarming nature are to be most feared.

    It was pure insanity.  Sure, a child does face the risk of unwanted touching, and a very small risk of actual rape or worse.  But being alive, interacting, entails risk.

    There is the almost certainty of the emotional pain of rejection, of false love that entails sex, but not as a component of the ideal.

    As a parent, which I am not, I have no answer, because there is none.  Help your child prepare for the fullness of life, which will include some rough times and some pain.

    But also don't feed into the sexual fear of child molestation that, IMHO, has become a bit of a social witch hunt.

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