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View Diary: A news story about sexual offenders and what boys should learn in sex education class (100 comments)

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  •  Excellent! I love this argument (2+ / 0-)
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    I agree. The root of it is biological. The urges are natural. Males have a Y and an X chromosome, females two X's.
    Males are more aggresive by nature, they produce more testosterone.

    The genetic material in our cells has not changed since the time of the cave men (and cave women) - because human genes evolve so slow. We share the same biological makeup with them, yet, look how far we have come. We have street lights and we stop when it's red (most of us). We learn manners, we have laws. Most of us are suposed to partner up with just one person (even if it may not make biological sense). But we call this progress.

    My point is, can we teach young boys exactly that: that the biological aspect makes these feelings normal, but that in order to move forward in society, to live side by side with other people, we need to practice some healthy restrain, just find some balance, not over do certain things. Be proud that we are no longer living in the caves (although I have heard of some people still living in caves...).

    And is it possible that this simplistic approach by caring parents or schools (when there are no caring parents )could have some major effect?

    Just a hypothesis.

    •  I respectfully disagree. (11+ / 0-)

      Evolutionary psychology, which attempts to explain cultural behavior patterns through evolutionary biology, is notoriously weak.  Behaviors don't fossilize.  There's no reason to believe that our Paleolithic ancestors had value systems anything like our own.

      Granted, this is a broad generalization, but contemporary hunter-gatherers and other non-industrialized human societies tend to tolerate very little in the way of interpersonal coercion, at least within the social group.

      It really doesn't have to be this way.  Men are not naturally assholes, any more than women are.  Men are exactly as capable of rational thought, emotional maturity, and self-control as women are.  I'm convinced that if more women truly expected the men in their lives to act like grown-ups, that more men would act like grown-ups in their personal lives.

      •  Ezekial wasn't talking about evolutionary (4+ / 0-)

        psychology. He was talking about evolutionary biology, which changes much slower than psychology. It's not a question of learning manners, it's a question of how arguably the most basic human urge interacts with an individual's personal history, and then how that combination interacts with a particular culture's standards of acceptable behavior.

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