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  •  A tangent on the use of the adjective "Cadillac" (2+ / 0-)
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    I am taken back a bit when I hear the phrase "Cadillac" health insurance. I think it must be a generational thing but my image of the "Cadillac" brand cuts against the intent of those using it like a new-found term of art in this political debate. From the tenor of the debate, I'm expected to believe that "Cadillac" means expensive, top-of-the-line, "gold-plated", that sort of thing.

    For my generation and those younger, "Cadillac" does not imply cream-of-the-crop.  It does not imply luxury or even expensive.  It connotes a overlarge, gas-guzzling, inefficient, unwieldy, outdated and outmoded vehicle, maybe even a waste of money that will break down once you get it on the road.  "Cadillac" implies everything that is wrong with Detroit's approach to automaking.

    Maybe those who use the term knew this all along.

    And maybe we should start talking about the need for "Corolla" healthcare - cost-effective, no-nonsense, affordable healthcare that will last for years.

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