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View Diary: Now that the Wise health fair is over . . . (94 comments)

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  •  Loved these diaries.. (9+ / 0-)

    as a dental hygienist, I was particularly interested in this topic.  We need dentistry included in a national health insurance reform.  Just because two different professionals treat patients does not mean that the head is not connected to the body.
    A comment on dentists accepting medicaid...unfortunately one cannot stay in practice very long (pay rent, pay employees, purchase supplies) if they are reimbursed on a pay scale set in the 60's.  Many more dentists would accept medicaid if the reimbursement at least covered cost.  Right now it comes nowhere near.  And as you know, Medicare doesn't extend to dental health at all.  What a sin.

    •  If Dental Insurance included (4+ / 0-)

      how many more dentists and hygienists would we need?  And how long would it take to get them trained.

      One thing that isn't linked enough is how our shoddy healthcare system and idiotically separated dental care system effect our school system.  MY Mom has taught in some really poor schools and had many students who were not able to pay attention due to dental pain.

      Students can't get the most out of school while in physical pain.  Every thing is linked - education- healthcare- the economy.  Fixing one helps fix the others.    

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