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View Diary: Radical Politicians Socialize a Thriving Private Industry! (10 comments)

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  •  private industry legislated to force purchase? (4+ / 0-)
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    Insurance is a form of gambling, and insurance moguls have taken over the health care system.  Insurers bet on your not getting sick, and take risks only on healthy people who will pay premiums and not utilize the benefits.  As they are professional gamblers, they obviously want to keep the odds of profiting in their favor, by denying coverage to those who most need health care.  

    These professional gamblers have so corrupted Congress with their billions in lobbying money that Congress has bestowed the title of Emperor upon them, and are busy commenting obsequiously upon the Emperor's new clothes.  Instead, they should be extricating themselves from their corrupting influence and actually considering the public health.  

    Since so much of our economy is now built around private professional gambling with public health, nobody has the courage to come forward and comment on the Emperor's naked greed.  I do not want affordable INSURANCE.  I don't want ANY insurance.  I especially don't want to be FORCED to buy it, as I am now forced to buy car insurance, homeowner's insurance, etc.  

    I want affordable HEALTH CARE, which is impossible, so long as the insurance companies are in control.  The prices of cars, homes, anything that insurance companies have managed to buy legislation to get their hooks into have skyrocketed.  Health care is no different.  The current system is like being controlled by a mafia--you buy our product, or we break your legs, or send you to jail, or let you die of an easily treatable illness.  Why is nobody talking about this?  Do they have that many stockholders?  Is this a bit like the government employees retirement system investing in Halliburton?  Nobody wants to risk losing their own something for nothing, or profiting from the misery of others?  Disgusting.  

    •  paying attention (0+ / 0-)

      The daily operation of our culture relies heavily on most people not paying attention. It also relies heavily on our remarkable human ability to convince ourselves of anything.

      I've written a few blog posts that touch on those general subjects. One that might be relevant as a starting point involves a phrase that I wouldn't use here at Daily Kos, so I'll just link it rather than quote it. There are a couple of books listed in the sidebar at that site that you might find helpful also.


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